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More Traffic Tickets = Higher Insurance

In the obvious news category of the day, a recent article in St. Louis Post Dispatch notes that traffic tickets have a direct impact on the rates you pay for insurance. More interestingly though, the article contains contain information regarding the effect on insurance rates of certain traffic tickets in Missouri and Illinois. The rates increases are estimates from a industry group that tracks this type of information.

For example, while a seatbelt ticket will only cost you about $61 annually in Missouri; a DWI in Illinois will potentially increase your insurance rates $1324 a year. Further, a speeding ticket in Missouri could raise your insurance rates over $100 a year. The article notes that these penalties last at least three years on your insurance rates. By doing some quick math, a speeding ticket at 12 miles an hour over the speed limit may result in over $300 increase in premiums before any relief is given.

The take away from this article is simply that traffic tickets have the potential costing you more than just the fine. If you have a traffic ticket might be worthwhile to reach out to an attorney to see if he or she can help you resolve it and keep points off your record.